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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Stella Do
Household staple

Our house has been taking turmeric liquid extract for the last year and a half and it's shown major improvements in our overall physical health and well being. We add to occasional meals and in smoothies daily and have not been sick once in that time. It's the quiet spice that keeps us all feeling good and sleeping well from an easy to dose bottle. Thank you Three Springs Farm!

Best Tumeric supplement on the market

I have been using Three Springs Farm Tumeric Liquid Extract for about 6 years and love it. Previously I was using other tumeric supplements but when I started using the liquid extract, I noticed a very real change in inflamed areas such as my wrist and lower back . That sold me.
I mix mine with a coconut milk and pepper and it's like a little night cap. I love it.
I definitely recommend this product to anyone looking to reduce inflammation and optimise health

joanne hands
No more pain in my knee

I have been using Three Springs Complete 3 Turmeric for a number of years now and it is working to keep the pain in my knee at bay. I much prefer to use a natural remedy than pop anti inflammatories. I put it in a shot glass in the evening and feel like I am drinking a Baileys. It has a lovely flavour and is very easy pleasant drinking. Thank you so much Ben and Phil.

Peter Rix
Arthritis fix

I have osteoarthritis in various joints. When my GP took me off prescription medications for medical reasons, i searched for an alternative. Complete Three Turmeric has been the best I have found. There is no cure for arthritic wear and tear but your turmeric essence has considerably improved my joint mobility especially my fingers. I notice the difference if i forget to order and have to go without even for two or three weeks. My only complaint has been that for people taking it several times a day, the bottle is too small. If you keep the bigger bottle available, that would be great. ,

Absolute miracle

I am very glad that I finally found natural remedy that helped me with the legs pain, after only 2weeks of using this “Liquid Gold “ I can sleep without throbbing pain waking me up all night long, it’s working no question ask!!!!
I also gave 1 bottle to my daughter in law to help her with daily 📍 and pain …
I always believe in natural remedies and thanks so much Belinda &Phil

Why Choose Complete 3 Turmeric™ Liquid Extract?


Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, talk to your healthcare professional. This medicine may not be right for you. Read the warnings before purchase. Contains ethanol.


Here are the FAQs about Complete•3 Turmeric Liquid Extract. For more information about the product such as “who should take Complete 3 Turmeric only by advice”, please visit our FAQs page.

Each bottle of 200 mL of Complete 3 Turmeric liquid extract includes 100g of Fresh Turmeric Rhizome (Curcuma Longa) concentrated in a Liquid Solution.

Supplements such as black pepper may only assist curcumin bioavailability when on their own – not when they are part of whole turmeric extracts such as Complete•3. Complete•3 Turmeric Liquid Extract doesn’t need black pepper as it contains natural oils, called turmerones, that bind with curcumin to enhance its absorption.

There is also some conjecture over the use of black pepper over Turmeric’s natural oils since it interferes with one of the body’s natural defences and can irritate the stomach.

There are many anti-inflammatory compounds in turmeric other than curcumin, which is only one of turmeric’s 100 plus actives (including turmerones). This is supported by turmeric’s history as a traditional medicine for thousands of years and recent research highlighting the role of turmeric’s bioactives other than curcumin, which suggests the potential use of turmeric extract, rather than curcumin alone, for treating diseases.

For more research information, please visit our research page.

For general health maintenance: Adults take 5 -10 mls per day in 20 – 40 mls of liquid such as milk (dairy or non-dairy), juice or water. Preferably take with food.

For specific health conditions it is advisable to check with your doctor or health care practitioner.

We recommend using a dropper or medicine glass to measure your dose.

Complete 3 Turmeric has a delicious, aromatic flavour when combined with the creamy texture of cow, coconut, macadamia or almond milk.

Keep your Complete 3 Turmeric out of direct sunlight, preferably below 30 degrees, in a dark, cool place such as a medicine cabinet or kitchen pantry. Complete 3 Turmeric has a shelf life of 3 years, which also applies to opened bottles.

You may notice a small amount of sediment which gradually settles to the bottom of the bottle. Don’t worry! It is a normal result of the extraction and filtering process and consists of microscopic particles of turmeric which can safely be consumed. For this reason, it is advisable to shake the bottle before pouring.

As with most plant extracts, food-grade ethanol is the most efficient method of extracting turmeric’s beneficial constituents from the fresh rhizome. It also enhances absorption, acts as a preservative, and prevents microbial contamination. Food grade ethanol is commonly used to produce pharmacy medicines such as cough mixtures, foods such as hamburger buns and Kombucha, and flavourings such as vanilla essence.

Ethanol is created naturally in fruit and causes it to ripen. The recommended dose of Complete•3 Turmeric contains the equivalent amount of ethanol as about three ripe bananas. In fact, the ethanol contained in Complete 3 Turmeric comes exclusively from plant sources and is certified organic, making it the only Australian turmeric extract which is 100% certified organic.