What are the ingredients of a bottle of Complete•3 Turmeric Liquid Extract?2023-06-20T16:10:02+10:00

Each bottle of 200 mL of Complete 3 Turmeric liquid extract includes 100g of Fresh Turmeric Rhizome (Curcuma Longa) concentrated in a Liquid Solution.

Label of the Three Springs Farm bottle of Complete 3 Turmeric

Does Complete 3 Turmeric Liquid Extract contain curcumin concentrates, black pepper or fat supplements?2022-05-23T17:17:12+10:00

Supplements such as black pepper may only assist curcumin bioavailability when on their own – not when they are part of whole turmeric extracts such as Complete•3. Complete•3 Turmeric Liquid Extract doesn’t need black pepper as it contains natural oils, called turmerones, that bind with curcumin to enhance its absorption.

There is also some conjecture over the use of black pepper over Turmeric’s natural oils since it interferes with one of the body’s natural defences and can irritate the stomach.

There are many anti-inflammatory compounds in turmeric other than curcumin, which is only one of turmeric’s 100 plus actives (including turmerones). This is supported by turmeric’s history as a traditional medicine for thousands of years and recent research highlighting the role of turmeric’s bioactives other than curcumin, which suggests the potential use of turmeric extract, rather than curcumin alone, for treating diseases.

For more research information, please visit our research page.

What is the difference between fresh turmeric and Complete 3 Turmeric liquid extract?2022-05-20T16:56:54+10:00

Complete 3 Turmeric concentrates the equivalent of a large amount of fresh turmeric’s beneficial compounds into a relatively small dose. In liquid extract form it is more easily and rapidly absorbed than if consumed fresh.

Where is Complete 3 Turmeric made?2022-05-20T16:56:54+10:00

Most of the hard work takes place on the farm between planting and harvest! From that point, to become a listed medicine, the fresh turmeric rhizomes must be processed by a TGA licensed facility. The facility is located in Australia and is also certified in accordance with Australian Certified Organic [ACO] Standard.

Before release to market, Complete 3 Turmeric is analysed by TGA approved laboratories to ensure it has retained turmeric’s natural components and is free from microbiological contamination.

Why might I notice sediment in my bottle?2022-05-20T16:56:54+10:00

You may notice a small amount of sediment which gradually settles to the bottom of the bottle. Don’t worry! It is a normal result of the extraction and filtering process and consists of microscopic particles of turmeric which can safely be consumed. For this reason, it is advisable to shake the bottle before pouring.

How should I store my Complete 3 Turmeric?2022-05-20T16:56:54+10:00

Keep your Complete 3 Turmeric out of direct sunlight, preferably below 30 degrees, in a dark, cool place such as a medicine cabinet or kitchen pantry.

Why does Complete 3 Turmeric contain ethanol and how is ethanol used?2022-07-18T17:26:14+10:00

As with most plant extracts, food-grade ethanol is the most efficient method of extracting turmeric’s beneficial constituents from the fresh rhizome. It also enhances absorption, acts as a preservative, and prevents microbial contamination. Food grade ethanol is commonly used to produce pharmacy medicines such as cough mixtures, foods such as hamburger buns and Kombucha, and flavourings such as vanilla essence.

Ethanol is created naturally in fruit and causes it to ripen. The recommended dose of Complete•3 Turmeric contains the equivalent amount of ethanol as about three ripe bananas. In fact, the ethanol contained in  Complete 3 Turmeric comes exclusively from plant sources and is certified organic, making it the only Australian turmeric extract which is 100% certified organic.

What advantages do liquid extracts have over capsules or tablets?2022-05-20T16:56:55+10:00

Liquid extracts have rapid bioavailability because they are quickly absorbed and digested. Compared to capsules or tablets, liquid extracts also retain the flavour and aroma of the plant they’re made from.

Can I take Complete 3 Turmeric while pregnant or breast feeding?2022-05-20T16:56:55+10:00

It is recommended that you obtain the advice of your doctor or health care professional first.

I’m taking medication for an existing health condition. Can I use Complete 3 Turmeric?2022-05-20T16:56:55+10:00

If you are taking medication, or have an illness or chronic condition, it is strongly recommended to check with your doctor or health care practitioner before commencing a course of any type medicine or health supplement.

What dose of Complete 3 Turmeric should I take?2022-05-20T16:56:55+10:00

Always read the label and use only as directed.

For general health maintenance: Adults take 5 -10 mls per day in 20 – 40 mls of liquid such as milk (dairy or non-dairy), juice or water. Preferably take with food.

For specific health conditions it is advisable to check with your doctor or health care practitioner.

We recommend using a dropper or medicine glass to measure your dose.

Complete 3 Turmeric has a delicious, aromatic flavour when combined with the creamy texture of cow, coconut, macadamia or almond milk.

Is curcumin another name for turmeric?2022-05-20T16:56:55+10:00

No. Curcumin is one of turmeric’s natural active compounds, making up about 5% of the total rhizome.

Curcumin can be separated from turmeric and also manufactured synthetically.

The difference between ‘curcumin’ and ‘turmeric’ has become blurred and often referred to interchangeably in the media and marketing campaigns.

What type of complementary medicines contain turmeric and curcumin?2022-05-20T16:56:55+10:00

There are over 200 products available over the counter or online in Australia with ‘turmeric’ and/or ‘curcumin’ on their labels.

Most are standardized extracts in capsule or tablet form and combine turmeric with other herbs, curcumin concentrates and/or fat and black pepper supplements.

Only two turmeric liquid extracts are listed and Complete 3 Turmeric is the sole Australian product made with fresh certified organic turmeric.

Complete 3 Turmeric is a ‘listed medicine’. What does this mean?2022-05-20T16:56:55+10:00

A listed medicine must meet the strict compliance and safety regulations of the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). Compliance requires the compilation of credible scientific and/or traditional evidence to support its therapeutic claims. Listed medicines can only contain certain low risk ingredients and must be manufactured in a TGA licensed facility. A unique ‘AUST L’ number is displayed on the label. Complete 3 Turmeric Liquid Extract is a listed medicine, number 286865.

What is the TGA?2022-05-20T16:56:55+10:00

The TGA, or Therapeutic Goods Administration, is part of the Australian Government’s Health Department. It regulates the safety and manufacture of therapeutic goods such as prescription, pharmacy and complementary medicines.

Why is curcumin poorly absorbed?2022-05-20T16:56:55+10:00

Curcumin is rapidly metabolized and excreted by a liver induced process limiting the amount of time it is available for absorption.

How does black pepper help curcumin absorption?2022-05-20T16:56:56+10:00

Black pepper releases a natural oil, piperine that inhibits the liver’s metabolic process described above, thus increasing curcumin’s bioavailability.

Why is there is some conjecture over the use of black pepper?2022-05-20T16:56:56+10:00

The rate of absorption is unpredictable because it depends on the amount of curcumin present in the digestive system at the same time ambient temperature is sufficient to trigger piperine’s release.

As well as black pepper’s tendency to irritate the stomach, there is the possibility of compromising the body’s defences against toxins, pollutants and drugs if one of the liver’s metabolic processes is temporarily switched off.

What is a curcumin concentrate?2022-05-20T16:56:56+10:00

A curcumin concentrate is a patented product extracted from natural turmeric or synthesized from non plant material. Concentrates are used to boost curcumin to a standardised level in capsules, tablets or liquids.

How do fats and oils aid curcumin absorption?2022-05-20T16:56:56+10:00

Fats and oils assist as carriers to curcumin and extend the time it remains in circulation. Ironically, extract of whole turmeric contains its own natural oils that enhance curcumin absorption.

Is Complete 3 Turmeric different to turmeric juices and beverages?2022-05-20T17:04:45+10:00

Yes. Complete 3 Turmeric is a listed medicine containing the complete range of fresh turmeric’s active compounds. It is therefore more potent than cordials, elixirs, juices, carbonated drinks or coffee additives. These beverages are not listed medicines and only contain turmeric for colour or flavour, in amounts too small to deliver significant therapeutic benefits.

Why are curcumin concentrates, black pepper and fats added?2022-05-20T16:56:56+10:00

They are added to offset the low level of absorption of curcumin by the human body.

Are all turmeric extracts sold in Australia listed medicines?2022-05-20T16:56:56+10:00

No. Many herbal extracts sold online and produced overseas do not have “AUST L” numbers and don’t meet the same standards as TGA listed medicines. There are also some extracts in capsule or powdered form which are really foods rather than therapeutic products.

What is the difference between ‘standardised’ and ‘full spectrum’ extracts?2022-05-20T16:56:56+10:00

In standardized extracts, a plant’s active compounds are adjusted to an identical proportion in each batch, typically above naturally occurring levels.

Full spectrum extracts are made from a whole plant [or plant part] and contain all compounds in the same proportions as provided by nature.

Why is the fresh, whole turmeric rhizome used to make Complete 3 Turmeric?2022-05-20T16:56:56+10:00

We endorse the holistic view that every one of a plant’s natural components plays a role in optimizing its therapeutic quality. Growing our own certified organic turmeric means we always select premium fresh rhizomes to ensure Complete 3 Turmeric contains the full spectrum of beneficial natural compounds. By comparison, most turmeric extracts produced in Australia are standardised formulations made from dried powder or syrups.

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